Maple Pear Bars

Healthy, delicious, fall-inspired pear bars with just the right amount of maple-goodness!

Chocolatey Energy Bites

Difficulty:  Do you have 2 hands? Then you can probably do this.  So I’m not a morning person. Like at all. Even if I go to bed early, I will sleep until 10 or 11am the next day if left to my own devices (but I have kids, so that essentially never happens). However, I…

Roti AKA Chapati AKA Flatbread

Difficulty: so-so. Not too bad if you’re whipping them up without little helpers, but a bit prolonged if you are the foreman of any little sous-chefs.  Bread products. My family seriously can’t get enough of them. And honestly, I love them too, but I know that even the ‘healthy’ breads in stores aren’t the greatest…

Tri-Nutty Parm

Difficulty: Ridiculously easy. Seriously, if there is someone out there who can’t make this, I will lose what’s left of my faith in basic competency.  You know when you are stuck in a rut and making the same things over and over again? I find that’s the case quite often when it comes to pasta….

Tomato Basil Rice Soup

Difficulty: moderately easy – can be done while drinking a glass of Pino Grigio because you’re p*ssed that no one started making dinner while you were at work.  Leftovers. They seem to plague the fridges of busy households and often end up in the compost, or worse, the garbage. I HATE wasting food. Like, it…

Oatmeal Breakfast Cups

These easy to make Oatmeal Breakfast Cups are a healthy and delicious option you can make ahead or whip up just before mealtime. They offer the creative bonus of fun food interaction that kids can easily partake in.